Warner Candidates – election next week!

By Ray Carbone

WARNER – With the news that selectman Allan N. Brown will not seek reelection this year, residents will have choose between two new candidates for a three-year term on the town’s leadership board.

Kimberly Brown Edelmann, who has worked as a reporter for this newspaper, is running against Paul Haganow.

The only other race on the ballot is for two three-year seats on the budget committee. Incumbent John Leavitt is running against Martha I. Bodnarik and David Minton, a local realtor. Bodnarik ran for a seat on the budget group last year.

There are no other contested races on the ballot.

Election Day: Tues., March 14 @ Warner Town Hall, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Town Meeting: Wed. March 15 @ Town Hall, 7 p.m.

Selectman, 3-year (vote for 1) – Kimberly Edelmann, Paul Hagenow

Budget Committee, 3-year (vote for 2) – Martha Bodnarik, John Leavitt, David Minton

Chandler Reservation Committee, 4-year (vote for 1) – Jonathan France

Foster & Currier Funds Almoner, 3-year (vote for 1) – Penny Sue Courser

Foster & Currier Funds Almoner, 1-year (vote for 1) – Jere Henley

Library Trustee, 3-year (vote for 3) – David Bates, Ralph Parsons, Judith Pellettieri

Library Trustee, 1-year (vote for 1) – No declared candidate

Cemetery Trustee, 3-year (vote for 1) – Kenneth W. Cogswell

Trustee of Trust Funds, 3-year (vote for 1) – David Karrick

KRSD School Board, 3-year (vote for 1) – Joseph Mendola, Faith Minton

KRSD Budget Committee, 3-year (vote for 1) – Jonathan Sevigny

KRSD Moderator, 1-year (vote for 1) – Brackett L. Scheffy

This story was first published in the InterTown Record on Feb. 21. Additional information about the upcoming town election and the annual town meeting is available here:




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