Artists & Craftsmen

If businesses make things and governments control things, then artists and craftsmen design the space where time, design and function meet.

It doesn’t always have to be a material image. Sometimes the artist lets us simply reflect on what’s “good, wholesome and pure,” as the Bible says.

“The goal of art is delight,” said the late Jules Olitski, the world-famous modern painter who spent many summers working on Bear Island in Lake Winnipesaukee. Olitski was quoting 17th century French painter Nicholas Poussin, but he may well have been speaking of a myriad of artists like himself who have added delight, color and form to life here.

Of course, it’s inevitable that the writers, painters and craftsmen who have chosen to make their homes here have invention and inspiration. But they’ve also help create an open-minded atmosphere where respect and honesty are prized. And their impact ripples out across the Granite State, encouraging creativity, freedom of expression and grace.

After all, beauty is not just well-designed colors on a piece of canvas but a sweet freedom to express thoughts and emotions in a way that’s sometimes more real than real life.

God has blessed us with artists and craftsmen. God, bless them.


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